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Some notes on recently screened movies

SEATTLE, Washington -

The Hurt Locker: This is why I usually don't bother with war movies - they all seem to have the same cast of characters. The wild and crazy guy, the play-by-the-rules guy, the young scared guy who gets killed or maimed, the Black guy - over and over. Even the great Mr Kubrick fell right into stereotype with Full Metal Jacket.

de Kooning
(val kilmer)
Pollock: Who casts these things? Val Kilmer as Willem de Kooning? His characterization seemed to consist of a bad haircut and trying to talk without moving his mouth.

Pierrot Le Fou: I used to say that Alphaville was the most Euro movie I've seen. Euro as an adjective. Well, we have a new champion - Pierrot Le Fou. The new most Euro movie ever.

Waterworld: Bad as expected.

A.I. Artificial Intelligence: An unmitigated disaster! I knew it would not be the darker movie Kubrick would have done - but come on. Someone owes a dead guy an apology.