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The last competent hard bonnet tabletop hair dryer

EDMONDS, Washington - It's amazing that the Dazey Corporation had fizzled away by the turn of the century, as they're responsible for perhaps the best consumer products of the last fifty years. I've already discussed their coffee mug warmer, now we must bow to the Lady Dazey hair dryer.

As anyone who knows me knows, much of my passion for the bonnet hair dryer is the sound; give me that low soothing rumble. The Lady Dazey has it, if you have a nice rumbling bonnet dryer it's likely this dryer, either explicitly with the Lady Dazey name or a rebranded version of the same.

Another way to know is that you have a "3-speed" dryer, it's likely this; if you see an ad that says "two speeds / two heat settings", that may make you think it has independent speed and heat settings; but it does not; it simply has two settings.

The last and most important thing is it's "only" 1200 watts; this "low" power is what gives it the great sound. Almost all new bonnet dryers are 1800+ watts, giving it the whiny high pitch that ruins the whole experience.

I've taken to buying them used; as Dazey fades further into history I may have to hoard them.