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Different perspectives of "nearness"

SEATTLE, Washington - I golfed at the Bellevue Muni the other day, and one of the guys I got paired up with lived right across the street from the course. As he was talking to another Bellevue guy about their housing situations he noted that one of the things he liked about his location was that it was "near everything".

Not only is the Bellevue Muni not "near everything", but I'm having trouble thinking of even one thing that is "near" it.


Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ! That is like the worst area of Bellevue to live in. It is out in the sticks. At least I live in downtown Bellevue so I can always get wasted and walk home from the Cheesecake Factory if I want some lonely night. Aren't you Seattle people dying of jealousy right now???

Christine said...

Woops! I actually meant to sign my name, not put anonymous. You probably thought just because I live in Bellevue I wasted going to own up to it...