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iPhone/Apple myopians

SEATTLE, Washington - In New York one of my co-workers whipped out his iPhone. "You have one of these?" I was asked. No, I don't. "Oh, you're waiting for the 3G, huh?"

To these myopians there are two kinds of people, those that have an iPhone and those for whom the purchase of an iPhone is imminent. I'm not buying an iPhone. I have no interest in general in Apple's overpriced gear. I have a years-old, crappy iRiver mp3 player on which I put talk shows.


Christine said...

I have a years old, cheap ass mp3 player that I have never downloaded any music on, only audiobooks. I don't even know how to download music on it. Colleen has a fancy Ipod but it all just seems like so much work to have to pick out so many songs and download them all of the time. I can pick out one book and it lasts me hours and hours! I feel like an old person saying this.