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Chinook's butchers their menu

SEATTLE, Washington - Chinook's has unceremoniously dumped the Oyster Stew from their menu. What reason exists to go there now, exactly? The view of the rusting sailboats?

They also ditched the Oyster Pot Pie.

I would have been the first to admit that the menu at Chinook's was a bit swollen, had a few items that had to go. But not the Oyster stew.

Guess I'll be learning how to cook oyster stew.


Christine said...

I love oysters! But I have never had their oyster stew there. Oysters are one of those foods where I just seem to stumble upon good meals here and there randomly. What other restaurants in Seattle do you think have good oyster dishes?

JMR said...

I used to get them at Cassis - but Cassis is gone.