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Why do guys knock up women?

SEATTLE, Washington - Everyone knows why women lie about birth control and get knocked up - but why do guys let themselves fall for this? Why perform this (hopefully, I think) massively life-changing event so casually?

Unless a guy is doing something exotic like holding his laptop in his lap and hoping this damages the sperm, all he has is vasectomy and condoms. If you haven't had a vasectomy, and you have sex without a condom with a woman capable of pregnancy, and you're not in a permanent-ish (e.g. marriage) relationship with the woman, you're either extremely irresponsible or you want to make a baby. Most contraceptive claims a woman makes in these circumstances should be ignored.

I'm coming around to the idea that a lot of guys want to make the baby, even if it's a semi-conscious or unconscious decision. I think a lot of people are like me, they procrastinate and waffle on certain large decisions in their life e.g. who to settle down with, or whether to have a child at all. Having sex without a condom in these circumstances has a couple advantages: (1) you get to have sex without a condom, which I assume is more pleasurable than doing it with a condom and (2) you could have one of your Big Life Decisions made for you by fathering a child with a particular person.


Christine said...

Well, most men think with their penises and not their brains, especially when they are in a state of arousal. Surely there is something subconscious in an animalistic way that a man wants to spread his seed all over.

But these idiots then end up with kids trying to make their often crappy relationship work. Pick your mate for wise reasons, and then have kids! Or else be miserable...

Anonymous said...

amen brother!!! Having knocked up a women when I was younger and "doing the right thing" I married her. What a huge mistake.That ended in divorce 3 years later.A 23 year mistake to be exact.In my case she wanted to get PG. I should have been smarter. But I did
learn from that experience,single
no more children... My choice.
I try and spread the word to young guys BE CAREFUL not to knock these
women up. They are looking for a meal ticket, THEY want children....

Christine said...

Mr. Anonymous,

Clearly not all women are looking for a meal ticket. You as a guy need to be smart and sly enough to figure out which ones do not want to get knocked up, if you aren't using a condom.

Perhaps, try doing something really simple and obvious like coming off as very pro-baby, so the woman feels no need to lie. In casual conversation, ask her about her desire to get pregnant and maybe even try to slide in the birth control question. React only in a positive way as she talks about her baby lust to get more information out of her. If you are kissing babies on the way to the dinner table at the restaurant and she looks like she is going to bolt, you also have an idea that she may not be coveting your seed.

Moral of the story is use your brain, trick and strategize to get the answers so you don't end up in a bad situation, if you don't feel confident in your natural people-reading ability.

JMR said...

Clearly not all women are looking for a meal ticket. You as a guy need to be smart and sly enough to figure out which ones do not want to get knocked up, if you aren't using a condom.

Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong, a million times over wrong. I'm sure every one of the tens or hundreds of thousands of these pregnancies that happens every year involves a poor guy who didn't think his woman would do it. She'll do it. You have to assume every woman will do it.

Christine said...

And how many abortions are there every year in the US because many women do not want to have the baby? A lot!!!

Obviously not all women are not hoping to get knocked up.

JMR said...

Abortion is a form of birth control for women, not men.

Pregnancy the woman doesn't want, she gets an abortion. Pregnancy the guy doesn't want, tough shit, he's on the hook for two decades.

Christine said...

Yes, I know that. My point was just that not all women have bad intentions. I suppose it is hard for me to truly put myself in a man's shoes. I do have the total control being the woman in this matter, unless a man wears a condom of course.

One thing to consider is you always hear those studies that say people in love act differently and their brains look different under an MRI or whatever- their reasoning skills go down and their trust goes up for their partner, etc. Perhaps, this accounts for part of the problem. Men and women in love do dumb things! I have been in love more than once and have never thought about wanting to get knocked up! But then again if I was one of "those chicks", maybe I would have.