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OH NO - karaoke in West Seattle

SEATTLE, Washington - Talarico's is offering karaoke. I don't know how long this has been here, but I know how long I hope it lasts - not long. Maybe if we all just ignore the karaoke, the karaoke will go away.


Christine said...

If you are lucky, well maybe not, perhaps you will see me perform a Tom Jones song there one night. Sometimes I do a Barry Manilow though. You get the point. Bad lounge singers = good karaoke in my opinion and oh it is fun for a half an hour and then I like to leave.

You just need to enjoy life more! Karaoke isn't so bad...unless it is so loud that you can hear it where you live.

The Unattractive Houseguest said...

we saw you walking in the Junction the other day. headphones on. ignored us. we were at Cupcake Royale sitting outside... why'd you keep walking?

JMR said...

I guess I just totally missed you. Were there any hotties sitting there?

The Unattractive Houseguest said...

I think you now know the answer to that question.