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OK Corral BBQ in West Seattle

SEATTLE, Washington - I stopped by the new OK Corral location on Fauntleroy about 2pm this afternoon, chatted up Otis a bit and got the fried catfish dinner. Good crispy catfish.

I think that I (like others) am a bit nervous about the prospects for Otis's success in this location (odd Fauntleroy spot, not West Seattle per se). There's a big parking lot in back.

Why is it that business always start somewhere else and then eventually come to West Seattle? First it was Ballard (Matator, Cupcake Royale) and Queen Anne (Uptown Espresso) and now even humble Greenwood is exporting their charms here. Has West Seattle ever started any citywide phenomenon? Burglaries and STDs don't count.

UPDATE: I also had the ribs.


Anonymous said...

Has West Seattle ever started any citywide phenomenon?

How about JaK's and Guaymas?

JMR said...

Jak's, yes, I knew that and it slipped my mind.

I didn't realize that this was the first Guaymas location.

Also, is WS the original Hotwire location?

Anonymous said...

How about being the foundation of the city of Seattle, that's starting something big. Spud's fish'n'chips, Alki Bakery, Bubble's on Alki,