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Analysis of "best" lesbian sex scenes in the movies

SEATTLE, Washington - I've been running low of things to rent on Netflix, so I decided to work through's list of the Best Lesbian Sex Scenes in the Movies. Here is my analysis:

Tipping the Velvet: Disappointing

Better than Chocolate: Hot lesbian action

When Night is Falling: Disappointing

If These Walls Could Talk 2: Didn't see it

If These Walls Could Talk: Disappointing

Head in the Clouds: Did I rent the Utah cut of this film? Since when does dancing count as lesbian sex??? FAIL

Lost and Delirious: Disappointing

Wild Side: Disappointing

The Hunger: Disappointing

Bound: Hot lesbian action


Lesbian sex said...

I LOOOOOOVE stories about two dudes falling in love with each other, with the attendant embracing and cuddling. It gives me sweet chills.

Alice Bluegown said...

How does anyone compile a list of lesbian sex scenes and NOT include 'Desert Hearts'? I mean, c'mon, that should be your starting point! Oh, and 'Head in the Clouds' failed on multiple levels, not just the sex...