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Bold innovations at Newsweek: raising price, renaming sections

SEATTLE, Washington - Among the innovations being pondered by dead-tree publishers is the idea of cultivating a higher-quality, more passionate readership base (that will be more appealing to advertisers) by raising your price and your perceived level of quality. The Newsosaur discussed this in the context of newspapers.

Relatively expensive niche products like The Economist are cited as a validation of this (risky) strategy.

Newsweek is pushing ahead with this strategy. They're raising the newsstand price by $1 to $5.95, and raising the rates paid by subscribers.

As far as swanking up the content? Well, they're renaming the "Periscope" section... it will now be called "Scope". And the back page will be named "The Back Page".

I hope you have more than that up your sleeve, Newsweek