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More straight talk from Fabio

SEATTLE, Washington - Fabio has a very stylish command of the English language, especially considering that he is an immigrant. He was recently interviewed on the Details blog and provided yet more choice material.

First he shared some thoughts on his tiff with George Clooney that I wrote about in November.

"This guy, he ate more than he could chew... Right then, I could have knocked him over and beat him," he says. "I could have punched him in the face while he was on his back. That's how you really hurt someone—their face can't amortize the punch so it takes, it takes the whole impact."

"Their face can't amortize the punch!" I wish I had thought of that one.

He also claims to be developing an energy drink for which he predicts smashing success:

"I wish I could tell you, but it's a secret. I'm sitting on this gold mine for a long time. It's like you're looking all over your house for your car keys and it turns out you are sitting on them, that's what this is like."

He also shared his innermost thoughts on what he's thinking while out on a date with an actress:

"And they are always complaining about their work, or how they are not working. About this casting or this part they are hoping to get, and I have to say, 'Come on, you're a fucking waitress.' I don't say that, but I think that, you know, because I'm a gentleman."

That's exactly what I think when I'm on a date with a hot actress.

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Christine said...

I am not a proponent of most reality shows. I think they are kind of like a slow form of torture. But if there was one on Fabio that followed the daily life of him, I would be glued! I do love how he just says what is on his mind and in his "own words". It's just too bad that we don't know what went through the actresses minds when they went out on dates with him. I wonder if some of the brighter ones kept a count of the words he misused.