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Sign that the stock market is in trouble

SEATTLE, Washington - I've had the same investment manager since 1992. He's been a curmudgeon the whole time, through good times and better times. Now, suddenly, he's the optimist. In a recent letter, he said good times are ahead:

15000 DOW
I believe the news media and doom and gloom experts will be completely fooled by year end as the political experts and news media where fooled in New Hampshire

Misuse of the word "where" in the original.


grindchopblend said...

hmmm... investment manager, big bids on the Strangercrombie...maybe you should buy the Mayor a drink!

JMR said...

Not only is my investment manager doing much better than me financially, just from his job - but his dad actually won the New Jersey Pick 6 lottery a few years back, and promptly gave the money to all his kids.

grindchopblend said...

Well bring HIM to the party! Librarians are notorious golddiggers....