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Crying Chimp

ISSAQUAH, Washington - It's Super Bowl day today, and as usual the commercials will allegedly be the star of the show. My personal favorite SB commercial is a sentimental favorite, the combined Dotcom and Crying Indian spoof by e*Trade a couple years ago.

I would think that anyone around my age, who grew up watching Saturday morning television in the 1970s and 1980s, and was shown the Crying Indian PSA thousands of times, would have a soft spot for this ad.

Of course, the "Crying Indian" turned out to be a straight-up Sicilian dago named Espera De Corti, but let's not be distracted by that on this special day.


Love Sheep said...

Thanks, I never saw that spoof. I actually own a sock puppet.

JMR said...

Thanks, I never saw that spoof.

Just remember - it's You Tube, not Ewe Tube.