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Long before the Seattle cupcake wars

SEATTLE, Washington - Today, we enjoy a rainbow variety of cupcakes at our various cupcake shops in Seattle. I found an analogous variety of baked goods from the old old days in Seattle, in the photo book Vanishing Seattle.

The windmill below was the Queen Anne Hill outpost of Van de Kamp's Holland Dutch Bakery, a regional bakery chain based in California. As you can barely see in the scan below, they offered "17 Kinds of Old Dutch Coffee Cakes". Seventeen! Who needs cafe au lait or lavender cupcakes when you can get seventeen kinds of coffee cake?

The Dutch abandoned Queen Anne decades ago, but the Danes are still there; I would encourage all to visit John Nielsen's Authentic Danish Pastry on 2nd Ave. W for a very pleasant experience.


Christine said...

Seventeen kinds of coffee cake sounds pretty amazing to me! I saw John Nielsen's reviews online and that place sounds really good. I have a thing for marzipan and there were mentions of a yummy marzipan potato. Also a few people mentioned a flat cinnamon roll called a Snitter that sounded pretty fabulous. I plan on going there soon. :-)

JMR said...

I've eaten both of those, many times over.