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Linebacker Lance Briggs going for the record

SEATTLE, Washington - Chicago Bears linebacker Lance Briggs is apparently looking to set a new standard for athlete fecundity. He's currently in legal proceedings regarding arrangements between himself and the mother of a 3-month-old child for which he is the father. (Given his low level of involvement with the child, Dennis Prager would probably note that he is not the child's "father", he is simply the "sperm donor".)

It has come out during legal proceedings that two other women now claim to be pregnant via congress with Briggs. I can't find out where in the term the other two women are, but if they're more than 3 months along that would mean he had three women impregnated simultaneously.

This led to the following blast from Brittini Tribbett, the mother of the 3-month-old:

"I have had an open-door policy toward parenting," she said. "Lance has apparently had an open-pants policy toward paternity."

Briggs's attorney fired back:

"There's nothing he's not doing for [the baby]," Georgia-based attorney Randall Kessler said. "I assure you that Mr. Briggs has made very generous settlement offers, but apparently there is a desire for 'mother support,' in addition to child support."

You know what, Britt, he does have an open-pants policy and you were its first and most eager beneficiary.

Briggs has a way to go to catch Travis Henry, who is generally regarded as the "best" in the NFL as far as this stuff goes, with 9 children by 9 women in 4 states.

In the larger sports world, it's tough to beat former NBA player Calvin Murphy, who had 14 children by 9 women - but he lost some cred by marrying one of the women.


Christine said...

Well, we know it isn't confined to just the black sports community. It's a big percentage of their entire male community that wants to plant their seed everywhere they can! In order to celebrate this, each year, I usually buy my family a special Christmas present. This year, my Dad got a special Christmas ornament that is a black hoochie momma in a cheetah print dress. This ornament looked like his "other wife" that we have been teasing him for years that he must have in Washington D.C. Ask me about it sometime. I got my sister a cheap-ass black wiseman that looks like it has some bling on it. I have 2 days left and have no black gift for my mom. I am struggling. The gift must find me and it hasn't yet! I am not in a very PC mood. Perhaps, Seattle is getting on my nerves or something! By the way, I like the Christmas colors. :-)

Anonymous said...
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