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Another state pondering unenforceable online gambling ban

SEATTLE, Washington - The great state of Washington was the first in the country to enact a ban on its residents engaging in poker or other gaming online. This was made a Class C Felony in Washington in 2006. (The severity of the penalty has subsequently been greatly reduced.) A cynic might observe that the attack on online gambling might have something to do with the large presence of Indian casinos in the state.

The federal government got into the act later in 2006, when the SAFE Port Act was signed into law, which prohibits US banks and credit card companies from transacting with online casinos.

No cynicism necessary to see the utter absurdity of the proposed law in Massachusetts that would license three meatspace casinos while banning online gambling for its residents. Do the politicians who propose these things (in this case, MA Governor Deval Patrick) have no shame?

Barney Frank didn't have much shame when it came to a male prostitute running an escort service out of his apartment, but I have to give him credit on this issue; he has been a vocal critic of both Patrick's proposals and the federal efforts to stop online gambling.

found via Reason Hit & Run


Christine said...

I often ponder how unbelievable it is that we live in world where people want to control other people's actions. But I guess that is how it always was and how it always will be. You and I and a small percentage of other people just don't share that same life philosophy. Most people seem to have stuff they want to make illegal and so on "to better the world" or whatever they tell themselves. I am glad I am not "most people"... Now, I feel like gambling! I am in a mood.

Anonymous said...
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