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Only 49 states left where I can do online dating

NEW YORK CITY, New York - All 50 states are still good for me, but I soon may have to cross New Jersey off the list. Ars Technica is reporting on a bill floating around the New Jersey Assembly that would require online dating sites to inform New Jersey members if they perform criminal background checks, and specifies additional disclosure requirements based on whether or not the site does in fact perform the checks.

Just in case dating sites were planning on complying via fine print, the bill specifies the screens and other communications on which the notifications must appear, and the minimum font size for the text:

Specifically, any online dating service would be required to present such notification upon the sending or reception of e-mail, on all New Jersey-based profiles, and on all web pages used to sign up a New Jersey member... all notification must be provided in bold capital letters and a font size of at least 12, because nothing says "I love you" like a giant disclaimer.

At least the authors of the bill know what a "font" is, although I'm sure this will have to be explained to some of the more dinosaur-ish members of the Assembly.

Ars notes that similar bills have failed to pass in several other states, so I'll predict a similar fate for this one.

Found via Slashdot


Christine said...

I hope if one of these bills ever passes, the online dating sites put the rest of the page their disclaimer is on in a font size of 36 or something! And I hope they choose the most annoying-to-read, script style font for the required bold, size 12 disclaimer.