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Entenmann's needs to stay in its lane

BRIGANTINE, New Jersey - There is a place in the supermarket and convenience store snack universe for Entenmann's. I know this.

However, this bakery has crossed the line when they are trying to peddle a small, butterscotch-iced cake in a Wawa. Pictured below. That particular cake is the exclusive domain of the Tastykake Butterscotch Krimpet, and anyone trying to invade that turf is a fool.


Christine said...

Nothing can take the place of an authentic Butterscotch Krimpet! I noticed Entenmann's does not list their impostor krimpet on their website. They know! The whole tri-state area knows. Why they bothered is beyond me. Maybe they should have tried for a butterscotch coffee cake. They may have had a chance with that one...