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Christina Ricci's career going in the wrong direction

SEATTLE, Washington - While some actresses, like Scarlett Johansson, are sexing up their careers as they go along, Christina Ricci seems to be going the other way. She has been miscast as Trixie is the Speed Racer movie that is coming out in May.

Hopefully, the Wachowski brothers (and couldn't they think of something better to do than a Speed Racer movie?) are tuning the part of Trixie to suit Ricci's talents. We better be getting a Pill-Popping Trixie, or a Lesbian Action With Serial Killers Trixie, or a Cozying Up to Your Kidnapper Trixie, or Manipulative Nympho Trixie, or Chained to Samuel L. Jackson's Radiator Trixie.

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Love Sheep said...

Two Christina Ricci posts in one month. I'm wondering if she knows you're stalking her?