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Trophy Cupcakes can send the consulting check to my Swiss account

SEATTLE, Washington - I went to Trophy Cupcakes this weekend to check the status of the soon-to-return Peanut Butter & Jelly cupcake. A small sign said that the cupcake was returning "on Fridays" starting March 21.

When I asked if this was the only day that the cupcake was going to be available, I was told that the cupcake would not be "special" if it was offered too often. That's exactly what I told them when they first started offering the PB&J four days a week. They blew off my warning last time, but now my warning has become official company policy.

They (and by they, I mean someone there, who may or may not be the person that commented on the post linked above) said the PB&J will be offered on a second, yet-to-be-determined day in addition to Fridays.