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The Trophy PB&J is back - and is still the Dirtiest Playa in tha Game

SEATTLE, Washington - The long awaited return of the Trophy Cupcakes PB&J is here. It has changed a bit, but it still has muscle.

The main change I see is the frosting - it consists of a dollop of jelly-flavored frosting in the middle, surrounded by a ring of peanut butter-flavored frosting. Previously, it was a kind of swirl of the two, and I sometimes had a tough time distinguishing the jelly flavor.

At the bottom of the cupcake is a small chamber with a touch of peanut butter and a touch of jelly.


Christine said...

I was at Trophy today and decided to bring home a PB&J. You know I have not liked that cupcake at all but decided to give it a chance since they redid it. I just ate it and gobbled it all down like there is no tomorrow. It was sooooo good! Night and day from the old version! Having the separate frostings and just a normal vanilla cake made the difference. My taste buds couldn't get enough. They finally got it right!