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A Jacqueline sighting

SEATTLE, Washington - Every so often, in blog comments in various nooks and crannies of the internet, someone will ask "what has happened to Jacqueline Passey?" Her blog disappeared shortly after her (3rd) marriage, leading cynics to state that the blog was merely a husband-finding mechanism.

She popped up today on a post at Marginal Revolution, where Tyler Cowen cited her as the source of a link, and she subsequently made some comments.

She now says she's studying to become an accountant - her career trajectory changes more often than I change addresses, which is often.

It's fitting that she pops up in the same week that the Norwescon sci-fi convention is going on - that would make this week the four-year anniversary of her taking the opportunity of our first meeting to haul my unsuspecting ass to the convention - not exactly the evening I had in mind.


Christine said...

Hey, I was dragged to one Norwescon convention and I saw her there of course wearing one of the infamous dresses. The whole night I people watched with a big, laughing smile on my face. And I kept watching out for furries. I wanted to find a furry room party because the thought of walking in and seeing furries having sex was just so funny to me!