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Because "Hermaphrodite Brig" would be an odd restaurant name

SOLANA BEACH, California - Turns out Brigantine, NJ is not the only thing named Brigantine. There's a small group of restaurants with this name in Southern California, one of which I stumbled upon in Del Mar.

When I went to take pictures, I explained to the valet "yeah, I lived a few years in a town called Brigantine, it's a rare name, taking pictures", and he noted I was not the first person to come barreling into their parking lot referencing the tiny New Jersey community.

"Brigantine" is the English term for a particular type of sailing ship, and the American term for the same type is "hermaphrodite brig".


Christine said...

Now, there is an odd little bit of Jersey shore trivia I can educate my parents with one night when they have had their wine.

Of course, my regret about Brigantine, as I have probably told you before, is I never got to go to Brigantine Castle before it closed down. Those commercials in Philly as a kid made that place look awesome!