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Fantasy vs. reality for California card rooms

SOLANA BEACH, California - Over the years, whenever I've seen ads for The Bicycle Casino in Bell Gardens, CA, they've had the whiff of luxury - the swanky chandelier, the tuxedoed man helping his cocktail-dress clad lady out of a limousine.

The reality of course is far different - this is the self-park entrance to the Bike. Note the smokers and what appears to be two braceros - can I hire them to do my lawn?


Christine said...

I don't know anything about Solana Beach. But I looked it up and it is right by La Jolla. My Mom always used to encourage me to go to Camp La Jolla (fat camp) as a kid. They had ads in the back of Seventeen magazine. The first time I visitted La Jolla and saw how nice it was I realized I should have spent those summers at that most likely luxurious fat camp rather than Philly!

And I won't even ask what kind of publications the Bicycle is advertising in. ;-)