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Bad effects of moronic Daylight Saving Time switch still being felt

SEATTLE, Washington - I wasn't writing online a few years back, but in 2005 when our gallery of morons, the United States Congress, passed legislation to change the dates of Daylight Saving Time to "save energy", I told everyone "this won't save a bit of energy and it will cause all sorts of technical problems."

The law should have never been passed, considering Australia had done a similar shift in 2000 and energy use did not go down. It immediately became clear after the first shift that the United States was not getting any energy savings either. And to top it off, an academic recently did a study incorporating data from DST-renegade Indiana and concluded that DST shifts actually end up wasting energy.

As for technical problems, for the third time in the last 15 months (encompassing all three "new" DST shifts) we are getting bitten on the ass at work with data issues.

We would be better off picking Congress by lottery (giving us some random sample of the population) rather than elections, which allows smooth-talking hucksters, charming morons, and pathetic panderers to get into positions of power.

(I won't even bother here getting into how we should not have DST at all, it's a pathetic artifact of the past that should be eliminated, and Arizona deserves some credit for telling the rest of the country to go fuck itself on this issue.)