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If Heather Graham tells you to slap that ass, start slapping

SEATTLE, Washington - Egotastic! makes some comments on the recently released movie Adrift in Manhattan. Heather Graham has some sex scenes in this movie, and she seems to be taking the Kate Winslet approach of taking her clothes off in just about every film she's in.

Graham starts off one sex scene on her back, then flips over for doggie-style action with Simon (played by Victor Rasuk). The following diagloge ensues:
HG: "Did you hear me?"
VR: "No."
HG: "Hit me."
VR: ".... I can't do that."
HG: "Yes you can. Hit me! Hit me, Simon."
VR: (pathetic slap on ass)
HG: "Harder!"

He gives a few reluctant slaps on the ass, while she asks for it and even throws in a "Tell me I'm a bad mother!" She is not happy with the performance and starts to cry, and he starts to cry.

Dude, if you're squared up on Heather Graham's ass, and she asks to be slapped, harder, you better slap her right through the headboard. You can't give a few tepid slaps and then start weeping. Pull yourself together.


Christine said...

That was a weak, weepy scene. She is obviously crying because her infant died and she is all screwed up in the head (IMDB). I don't know where you are getting the performance part from. I hate when people want to be spanked and crap for self-punishment reasons or whatever and get all weepy! What happened to the good old days of plain old fun spanking during sex???