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Jessica Alba needs paparazzi-avoidance training

SEATTLE, Washington - Jessica Alba, who has been an angel with the paparazzi for years, recently flipped them the finger. I will attribute this to her still-fresh pregnancy. Instead of flipping off the paparazzi, she should take avoidance measures, the most obvious of which is sitting right next to her in the picture below.

If I am not mistaken, the woman seen with Ms Alba below is her body-double, Taryn Dakha. It doesn't do a lot of good to hang out with your body-double. Here's what you do, Jessica: if you want to have a quiet, photog-free weekend in, say, Sun Valley, then you deploy Taryn to some other place (say Vail) and put her in some sunglasses and have her dart about, into hotels, in and out of cars, etc. The word will be out on the street that you are in Vail. Then you can go to Sun Valley incognito.

Howard Hughes did this in the 1950s and 1960s. To avoid media attention (and the process servers for various lawsuits against him), his main man Bob Maheu would deploy body-doubles to exotic locations, the kind of locations people figured Howard Hughes frequented, always with a babe on arm. This would keep people off Hughes's back, and feed the legend of the globetrotting playboy, all during a period when Hughes would go years at a time without leaving his bedroom.