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One-sentence reviews of movies I have seen recently

SEATTLE, Washington -

Happiness - Whoa, I think we need a new MPAA rating to indicate "semen used as adhesive."

Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures - They interview Kubrick's widow throughout the movie, and her role in his life is discussed, but they never mention that she was his third wife; the first two were sacrificed on the altar of his genius.

Inland Empire - I loved Mulholland Dr. but I think Lynch finally fell over the edge with this one.

Rope - That was about as gay as you could get in 1948.

Ordinary People - The image of the happy Mary Tyler Moore, throwing her hat into the air in Minneapolis, is purged from my mind forever.

The Bourne Identity - For some reason, I thought Franka was hot in Run Lola Run but I haven't found her to be hot since.

To Live and Die in L.A. - The graphics in the credits have not aged well - neither has the music, or the hair, or anything.


Christine said...

That is an ecelctic mix! I have never even heard of "Rope". That sounds really interesting though. And I want to see the Kubrick one now too. That is wild about the first two wives.