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The fate of dead monitors in Seattle is very Seattle

SEATTLE, Washington - My 17 inch LCD has breathed its last, so I need to get rid of it. I knew this would be a convoluted, politically correct task in Seattle, and it is: King County has put together the Take it Back Network, a "partnership among government agencies, retailers, repair shops, charitable organizations and recyclers" tasked with resolving things like computer monitors into their constituent atoms and routing these atoms to their heavily thought-out fates.

Looks like I'll have to comb over the large list of Take it Back Network affiliates and contact a few and see what they'd charge me to take my monitor - essentially, comparison shop to throw something away.

I told this to my operative in Pittsburgh, and he told me to just ship him the monitor UPS and he'd throw it away there, it would probably be cheaper and easier than whatever I'd have to do here.


Christine said...

When I wanted to get rid of my old desktop, I called some public elementary schools in Seattle and found one who wanted it. But mine worked so I guess that makes it easier to give away...

Hell, just throw it in a dumpster when no one is looking!