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Seattle company offers stevia-sweetened soda, er, dietary supplement

SEATTLE, Washington - I've been avoiding Nutrasweet for a long time, and Splenda-flavored sodas don't hit the spot and are often made with several artificial sweeteners including Ace-K. About ten years ago I started ordering stevia on the young internet and mixing it with seltzer and lemon-lime juice to have my soda fix.

I eventually got to where I now just drink lightly flavored sparkling water, but sometimes I want something sweeter. Today at PPC I stumbled upon Zevia, a local company making stevia-sweetened sodas in four flavors. Of course, due to long-standing FDA nonsense you can't actually claim that stevia is a food or food additive, so these things are officially "dietary supplements" but proceed with the nod-nod-wink-wink. I had the Cola flavor and will try the others, they're $0.88 a can at PCC and allegedly are also for sale at Metropolitan Market.

Zevia store locator


Christine said...

I am fond of Zevia. It tastes pretty good for what it is. I randomly found it at PCC roaming through the aisles months back. I actually have some Natural Twist in my fridge right now. :-)

I rarely drink soda but when I do this is one of the few I drink. Stevia is by far my favorite sugar substitute.

I have read things here and there lately about how artificial sweeteners can lower your blood sugar and thus cause sugar/food cravings. I guess your body can be tricked into thinking you had real sugar so it then produces insulin. I hadn't heard this before. How sucky! But I haven't taken the time to research this beyond the pop women magazines I saw this stuff in...

Christine said...

I just read this article about miracle fruit. I have never heard of this before. I really want to try this!