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on flip-flops, the kind you wear on your feet

SEATTLE, Washington - A long comment thread has broken out on the Slog about flip-flops and the attractiveness of feet.

For the record: Feet are ugly (all 12+ billion of them), I've been buying my own footwear since the late 1980s and have never bought or worn anything that leaves my feet visible, everyone else should do the same as me, you need a damn good excuse for burdening others with the sight of your feet (e.g. you're about to step into the ocean), and while I frequently argue against classifying things as "mental illnesses" I would think there's no greater sign of delusional lack of self-awareness then having your ugly feet (and they're all ugly) visible to others in public.


Christine said...

I disagree with you on this. I think many women can look more attractive with well groomed feet. If they have a fresh pedicure with a nice color and are wearing certain sandals especially with a heel, it normally pleasantly emphasizes their legs in a dress or skirt and can be a nice, flirtatious look for the summer months. Granted if it is some woman who doesn't take care of herself, that is another story. Men's feet typically are not as well taken care of from what I have observed, so they often look "ugly" as you would say.

The Unattractive Houseguest said...

My feet are my best feature, next to my boobs....