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Female cows in India do have large horns, do not lay eggs

NEW YORK, New York - One of the places in my lunch rotation when I'm in NYC is the Kati Roll Company, even though it's a good 15 minute walk from the office. The menu is very simple - they offer up 10 choices on the menu, each of which is cooked up and wrapped in a paratha. Two of these make for a filling (albeit a bit fatty) lunch.

The menu was simple before, but it involved reading, so they've made it even simpler by introducing a picture menu. You have to distinguish a bit between the blob that represents a potato and the blob that represents minced mutton, but overall it should help people to order. The place is also adorned with Bachchan movie posters, so you can get some ideas for your Netflix queue.


Christine said...

I swear in NYC they have this innate talent of just making everything seem somehow cooler, even if it is just sticking blobs on a menu. It just somehow works...