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Useless "Landmark" Denny's in Ballard finally allowed to die

SEATTLE, Washington - The rights of a property holder - enshrined in our Declaration of Independence, United States Constitution, Magna Carta, that list nailed to Martin Luther's door, etc. - have for once held firm against the Seattle neighborhood busybodies.

The old Denny's in Ballard, which was granted Historical Landmark status in February, is probably going to be torn down anyway. In a meeting last week, the same board that granted landmark status voted unanimously that there was no economically feasible plan for the property that included leaving the building intact - so even though the building is still officially a "landmark" the owner can tear it down.

Click through on the link, you can see the Landmarks and Preservation board... the chin rubbing, the pen-twiddling, the hangdog expressions... they're in agony.

“It’s a very sad situation,” said board chair Stephen Lee. “It’s a bad situation to be in.”
Board chair Stephen Lee — who rallied the board to preserve the Denny’s three months ago — refused to talk to the media and was overheard telling someone, “I need a drink.”

He needs a drink? I need a drink after following this charade. I hope I hear when the wrecking ball will arrive, I'll be there.


Christine said...

It is an old Denny's, and it is the property owner's right to do with it as they please. There should have never been a debate about it. Those people at the Landmarks and Preservations Board must have absolutely no life and are a total joke. I hope a new building goes up there that has polka dots or is flourescent pink or something horrendous just to piss them off.