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"Alien Burrito" redux? Bigfoot allegedly bagged

SEATTLE, Washington - UFO buffs are probably familiar with the "Alien Burrito" story of Jonathan Reed and Robert Raith. Those two gentleman appeared on the Art Bell show on November 11, 1998 (I was listening live) and Reed (who claimed to have a PhD in Psychology) told a tale of having shot an alien while hiking in the Cascades.

To make a long story short, the alien photos were completely discredited, Raith was exposed as being a West Seattle gas station attendant, and Jonathan Reed was exposed as a longtime West Seattle resident and frequent 13 Coins diner with no academic credentials.

"Dr." Reed wrapped his "alien" up in a tarp and stored it in a freezer, giving rise to the "Alien Burrito" appellation.

We have a new beast in the freezer this week - some hunters in Georgia claim to have a Bigfoot body in their freezer and will be holding a press conference tommorrow (Friday), allegedly.


Christine said...

The day one upstanding person says he encountered an alien is the day I will believe they will have finally arrived.

Christine said...

This is off topic but you should have a party or something one night for the people who read your blog and live in Seattle. That would be fun.

JMR said...

that won't be happening.

Christine said...

I figured it wouldn't be!