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Cupcake Royale revises chocolate cake

SEATTLE, Washington - Looks like Cupcake Royale is going to start playing a flavor-of-the-month strategy - this month it's Skagit Valley Strawberry frosting. This is available on vanilla or chocolate cake.

And for those of you complaining about the dryness of the chocolate cake, they have introduced a reworked chocolate cake. It was spongier in texture and yes I guess a bit less dry.


Christine said...

I totally need to try their new chocolate cake! I have alway disliked their chocolate but loved their vanilla cake.

Yuck, I hate strawberry frosting and I despise stranwberry ice cream. I always hated that cheap strawberry, vanilla and chocolate ice cream that my relatives would have at birthday parties as a kid. I wondered if anyone actually liked the strawberry kind. I still have my doubts.