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George Takei: similar to the losers from your small hometown

SEATTLE, Washington - George Takei married his longtime partner Brad Altman this past weekend in Los Angeles.

The notable thing here is not that it's a same-sex wedding, or that it was a multicultural-to-the-point-of-satire ceremony, but that Uhura was the maid of honor and Chekhov was the best man.

Has Mr Takei not made any friends since the late 1960s that could have served in these roles? Someone from the Howard Stern show, maybe? Anyone? This seems just like the rear-guard folks in your hometown, still hanging out with the same high school crowd while everyone with a crumb of adventurousness or ambition left a long time ago.

But congrats to Mr Takei anyway.


Christine said...

A Top Pot Doughnut opened up in Bellevue! I just saw it for the first time today driving around. I almost stopped in but needed some real food to eat.

I know this has nothing to do with Mr. Sulu but I thought I thought I would mention it.

JMR said...

Um..... get the applesauce doughnut if the have it.