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I'm still incapable of watching a television series

SEATTLE, Washington - I tried watching Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles on Fox last night. It is heavily promoted on Fox during football games and the young hot Terminator has a certain icy appeal to me.

It was all very disappointing. The opening sequence had long stretches of jumpy, over-styled slow motion with some rock song background*. The Terminator, Cameron (a bad name on at least two levels), got injured right at the top of the show and limped around for an hour so I didn't get to see her chops. I can't get into the mood of a one-hour show because I know things will all be well soon (John is trying to jump start a truck as a Terminator approaches! I wonder if he'll get it started?) and this particular episode required suspension of disbelief that was difficult even for science fiction (John seems to repair a corrupted microchip by scraping at it with a screwdriver.)

I give up. I tried. Watching TV is like eating olives for me; I know I don't like it, but I feel bad about it and try again every so often, just to be sure.

* Contrast this with No Country for Old Men, which I recently watched and off the top of my head I don't recall much music at all during the movie. More shows and movies should do this.


Christine said...

I believe you just dislike TV. A lot of people just do. But next time you try, research shows from IMDB or ask friends or something. Don't pick because an actress is hot and from the commercials! Come on! There are some good shows out there. You just have to kow what they are. Most TV shows are actually pretty bad in my opinion.

British shows tend to have no laugh track and less music from what I remember from watching them. I personally despise laugh tracks above all else. Apparently, they think the audience is dumb so they should alert them when to laugh.

There are lots of great shows on learning channels like Discovery, Biography, etc. that you would probably really like. But that would mean giving up the rabbit ears.