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Single women do not exist at the bookstore

SEATTLE, Washington - I'll often see an attractive or even semi-attractive woman at the bookstore. Even if she's not so hot, if she has a purposeful air about her in the bookstore that's good enough for me.

But I'd never approach such a woman, for two reasons: (1) I'm not inclined to do such a thing under any circumstances and (2) she is 100% guaranteed to already be taken and her man is also in the bookstore.

Every single time I've seen such a woman and keep an eye on her, her guys shows up in short order. If I owned a watch I could set my watch by it: "Boyfriend appears in 5... 4... 3... 2...".

I've done this little mental exercise dozens of times, and it always ends the same way. And I'm only counting times where I've already looked and not seen a ring on the I'm Taken finger.

One or the other or both of the following is happening: (a) every woman that doesn't look like a bridge troll is already taken (b) women don't go anywhere, even a quick jaunt to the bookshop, without their man. Most likely, the poor guy just wanted to go to the bookstore and these chicks, like most chicks, think that if the guy is out of sight for 20 minutes he's off having sex with someone else.


Christine said...

I have several comments here. I am single, go to bookstores and and am not a bridge troll. I have single friends who are in the same situation.

I suspect you are going to the wrong bookstores and at the wrong times. Most average to attractive single women do not go to used bookstores but hit a big one like Barnes and Noble. You will also rarely find them on weekend evenings at bookstores. The most likely time to find them will be right after work when they are out doing their shopping on a weeknight. And obviously hang out in new fiction if your goal is to meet some chicks. If you go to the downtown Barnes and Noble at Pac Place at 5:30, you will probably find some hot single women.

You will find more troll women at used bookstores and on weekend nights and so on. Bookstores are their hang out, where as the more attractive single women probably want to go in to the closest Barnes and Noble, buy their books and leave.

You should approach women! Chances are you have had some women think you were not interested in them because you did not approach them in the past. From personal experience, I often think that if a guy doesn't approach me/show interest in me, he does not like me, even though I know deep down he may just be shy in that way. Most of my single friends complain about guys around here being wusses and not approaching women. You have to take risks.

JMR said...

I go to used bookstores on weekend nights. Twice Sold Tales is 25% off after 10pm or so on Fridays.

Christine said...

Well, what did you expect??? You had to know the attractive single women who read are out with their friends on weekend nights! You are one of the smartest people I know, but you just don't get women. ;-)