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Giada says Mario Batali is not "romantic or sensual"

SEATTLE, Washington - Apparently Giada de Laurentiis thinks she's the only person who brings sensuality into the kitchen. In an upcoming interview in the New York Post Sunday magazine, Giada takes a crack at the pride of Seattle, Mario Batali:

I mean, I love Lidia [Bastianich], but [she’s] kind of boring. And Mario Batali [I] love to death... but he’s not romantic or sensual. Those are the things I bring to the table.

Batali is very sensual. In fact, virtually every driven successful chef has a good dose of sensuality to them.

I would suggest Giada head over to Otto and try the Fennel & Bottarga pizza and re-evaluate her comments.


Christine said...

I have only watched a couple of his old episodes so I can't make any in-depth comments about him. But I agree with you that pretty much all chefs are very sensual. From what I recall, Mario and Giada have a different style. Giada, who I watch a lot, is more forward and cute. And well, let's just face it, she is plain hot. Mario is pretty damn passionate from what I remember. I think that is a sexy quality and crosses the line of sensuality anyhow.