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Bad cupcake journalism

SEATTLE, Washington - Cupcake Royale in West Seattle is touting the fact that their Lavender cupcake was listed as one of the country's best cupcakes by MSN City Guides. Which is fine, except that MSN City Guides gets the ingredients in the cupcake wrong.

Cupcake Royale ­- Seattle

Lavender (Lavender-infused vanilla cake with lavender buttercream frosting)

This cupcake does not have lavender-infused cake, it's just regular vanilla cake with a lavender frosting. Cupcake Royale does not seem to give a damn about the error as they have posted the MSN article in their shop and on their web site.

Given this error, can I trust what MSN City Guides says about all the other cupcakes in the article? They discuss the Pistachio cupcake at Sugar Sweet Sunshine in Manhattan, and I've had that cupcake and they do seem to get that one right. I'll try the Sweet and Salty cupcake in Brooklyn next week, and I have an operative going to the bakery in Pittsburgh soon to try the East End Chocolate Stout cupcake.