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The Seattle Weekly 2008 Best Restaurants List - summary and analysis

SEATTLE, Washington - The days are long gone when this traditional April list would come out and I would just start eating my way through it - I've been to 70 of the 100 restaurants that the Weekly put in their 2001 issue. The main problem now is I don't know anyone in town with an expense account that I can gravy-train onto. Still, the 2008 list has arrived so I can make a few comments. The Weekly used to just publish a list, but now they have some silly theme every year; this time it's organizing the restaurants by "architecture".

I've been to 24 of the restaurants on the list, not bad considering that I've barely worked any new restaurants into rotation since 2004 or so. Still, some thoughts:

  • Good to see Cafe Lago on the list - it offered a very good super-thin-crust pizza in Seattle long before others (e.g. bored ex-Starbucks executives) got onto the bandwagon. Lago seems to fall on and off this list over time.
  • Maybe I need to try Lee's Asian some more, people keep talking it up.
  • No, I've still never been to Canlis; big deal. Why go? Because it's probably the only restaurant in Seattle with a dress code?
  • Glo's is typically not as busy as they say at midweek lunch time; go at that time. Volterra is as busy as they say.
  • There's a few on here I haven't been to in many years and need to revisit, including Brad's Swingside, Kingfish Cafe, and La Medusa.
  • I was underwhelmed at my visits to Il Terrazo Carmine, Tulio, and Ristorante Machiavelli.
  • High on my to-try list are Opal, Joule, How to Cook a Wolf, and Veil.


Christine said...

I forgot that this was coming out. My comments on your comments...I went to Canlis once forever ago and it was overrated, their true passion seemed about the restaurant in my opinion rather than the food, not that it wasn't good. I never saw the appeal of Glo's but I haven't been there. I was at the Kingfish not too long ago and it was super yummy. I had been there before but it had been years. I have actually never been to Brad's Swingside and always talk about how I should go there since it is supposed to be so good. Joule and How to Cook a Wolf have been top on my list as well. All of the reviews I have read on both of them have been great. But there are tons of good places on that list that entice me! Well, minus the Tulalip buffet of course. ;-)