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Mixed opinion on Mena Suvari's ass

NORTHFIELD, New Jersey - There seems to be a bit of blog debate about the merits of Mena Suvari's body after many bikini-clad pictures of her emerged this past week. Hollywood Tuna was dismissive, and Celebslam noted that her "transformation from an actress to a member of the 1988 Soviet Union women’s gymnastics team is finally complete."

Just Jared takes a rather neutral stand, and Egotastic! is downright enthusiastic for her.

I side with Egotastic! - she has an absolutely A-List ass, and the guy shown repeatedly grabbing it ("as if it were a life preserver", notes Egotastic!) seems to agree with me.

Fullest gallery here.


Christine said...

From a female's perspective, I say she is A-List. She is thin but still has a great shape. What woman wouldn't want a body like that?