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Movie Review - Bound

SEATTLE, Washington - Obviously the Wachowski Brothers are losing their way by making a Speed Racer movie, so I figured I'd look into their past instead of dreading their future - and I ended up watching their 1996 film Bound.

This movie is tightly focused on what we want to see - gangsters and suitcases full of cash and lesbian action. This movie has a great visual style and (I swear) used a bunch of sound effects and music that I recognized as being used in The Matrix. The Wachowski Brothers were so committed to their craft that they brought in none other than Susie Bright to "choreograph" the lesbian sex scenes. Good work, Susie - even though Gina Gershon was a bit more yoked than I like, the sex in this movie blows away the sex in Mulholland Dr.

But what was Susie Bright's reward for this work? Did the Wachowski Brothers invite her to "choreograph" the lesbian sex in Speed Racer? No, they didn't even pick up the phone.