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Shoofly Pie Co. goes stone cold gangsta

SEATTLE, Washington - The normally mild-mannered Shoofly Pie Co. has recently added a large chalkboard menu. The menu informs you of the treats that are available "for your Pie Hole".

It is my understanding that "pie hole" is a derogatory term, so at first I thought "that's a derogatory term, why did they use it?" But soon I thought "it's a derogatory term, that's exactly why they use it."

There's some serious attitude coming from various California Ave. eateries, starting with Mashiko and its admonition on the menu that you should "shut-up and eat." Looks like Shoofly also feels the need to project some attitude.


Christine said...

The last time I actually had shoofly pie was from some Amish chick vendor in Philly. I haven't had it in ages! I actually never thought it was that great. Have you had their key lime and apple pies? What did you think of those?

JMR said...

I haven't had those, I usually only get the quiche or the onion galette.